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Financial Planning is the process of deciding what you want your future to be, prioritizing your goals, and then working to create that future.  I consider myself counselor and facilitator, providing you with the guidance and discipline required for success. I’m in the business of building long-term relationships based upon trust and dependable service.

The process begins with a no-cost, no-obligation get-together.  The primary purpose is for us to begin to get to know each other and to identify your goals and concerns.  At the conclusion, we will decide on the initial steps you may take to achieve your goals.  We will also discuss if a formal financial analysis and written financial plan is recommended.  If one is recommended, services and fees are discussed.  You are then free to decide whether or not to proceed to the next step.

Ideal clients include retirees, those who are approaching retirement, widows and anyone looking for a trusted financial advisor.
Areas of Specialty:

• Retirement Planning
• Tax and Estate Planning
• College Funding
• Long-term Care
• Investment Management